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Maternal and Family Wellness

Has your journey into parenthood been different that you expected?  Are you feeling mixed emotions about this pregnancy? Have you or are you struggling with infertility? Have you suffered the crushing loss of a pregnancy or child?  Are you struggling to find your new identity in motherhood or fatherhood?  Did the birth of your child not go as planned?  Is this new role bringing up childhood memories that you are not sure how to navigate? Are you worried that you aren't a good parent, can't connect with your baby, miss your old life?  Then you've come to the right place!  Maternal mental health and family wellness is my specialty, supporting you through all stages of pregnancy, postpartum, parenthood, and beyond. Welcome!

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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Christina Smalley, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My approach with parents and families is unique to each family, challenge, and goal.  My training in attachment therapy, interpersonal therapy, and parenting guides my work in helping strengthen the parent child attachment relationship, as well as, guide parents through the transitions that parenting and life can bring.  

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Buffalo and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Roberts Wesleyan College.  I have worked for the past 8 years with families and their children in a community agency, helping to support parents overcome stressful and traumatic life circumstances that can, or have, been barriers to the healthiest relationships they can have with their children. 

Having children of my own, I can relate to the struggles of finding your identity after becoming a parent and feeling as though you are enough.  Some days, well a lot of days, can feel like groundhog day, repeating itself again and again.  You are not alone! 


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Pregnancy and the postpartum period can be intensely vulnerable times for a woman.  Society tells us we are supposed to be happy, grateful, and fulfilled.  But what if you feel depressed, anxious, unsure, or scared?  
Maybe parenthood is not looking as planned.  Past trauma, the loss of a pregnancy or child, or infertility may be impacting some or all areas of life.  I hope to provide a space for you to share your story, without judgement.

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Parenting is a big job, and one that comes without a job description or manual.  It can be difficult to know how to manage your child's tantrums or what to do with your newly defiant teenager.  You may want to find a way to parent that is different from how you were raised.  Navigating parenthood can take a toll on a relationship.  You and your partner may feel disconnected, exhausted, unsure whats next.  A supportive space to explore these dynamics and discuss new ways to interact are available with counseling.

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Ups and downs are part of the human experience.  No one gets a free pass.  Individual counseling is a safe place to explore what it means for you to be human, feel alive, want growth, change, feel grief, make meaning from loss.

*In addition to sessions in my office, 500 Helendale Rd, I also provide tele-health sessions and in home sessions, as needed.  I understand that sometimes making it to the office can be a barrier to getting treatment.  Whether that is due to bedrest, a c-section, or lack of childcare.  Telehealth is available for all clients.  Ask me about this option.

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We can get in contact a few ways:

  • You can call to set up an appointment or a free phone consultation at (585)419-5681.  I do my best to return calls in a 24 hour period, please leave a message with your name, number and a good time to reach you. 

  • You can contact me through my online form.  

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Our sessions together will be 50 minutes in length, scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.  During our time together we will identify the areas of importance to you and what goals you may have for therapy.  Although therapy is thought of, as what happens in the room, my goal is to help you to integrate your desired changes into life outside of the therapy room.  Sessions are available in my office, through tele-health, or in home, as needed.


My fee for service is $130.  In home sessions are $150.  I accept cash, check, credit cards, or HSA/FSA cards.  My fee is due in full at the end of our session.  

 At this time I do not accept insurance.  You can however choose to pay with your HSA/FSA.  I can provide a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement.  If your medical plan is one that is a high deductible plan, you will pay in full for any medical services until your deductible is met.  Some people choose not to utilize insurance for services, as insurance requires a diagnosis for services and your insurance company can dictate your course and/or length of treatment.

If you need to cancel your session, I kindly ask for 24 hours notice.  If you miss a scheduled session or do not contact me 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay a flat fee of $75.   

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